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1 The Performance of a Mound System on 22nd October 2011, 1:02 pm

A septic mound system is a technology that is used for treating and disposing domestic waste water in places where the conventional septic tank soil absorption system cannot be used. They are pressure dosed sand filters that are placed above and discharge directly to the natural soil. It is very important to use the right method of sewage treatment in every flat. Hence the builder of every Kochi apartment should make a study of the different methods that can be used in the existing situation and choose the right method. Using the most suitable method will result in its optimum performance.
A regular monitoring of the performance of the mound system has shown that the system can consistently and effectively treat and dispose waste water. The selection of sand media that can be dosed at a reasonable rate and can adequately treat the waste water is one of the factors that determine good performance. Usually the best treatment is provided by coarse sand with the right characteristics as the waste water will percolate through the sand, allowing time for adequate treatment. Proper design, installation and maintenance also lead to successful performance. While designing residential mounds, the number of bedrooms in a house determines the daily waste water volume. For individual homes the typical design flow requirements are up to 150 gallons per day per bedroom.
Depending on the contractor, the manufacturers, the site and the characteristics of the waste water, the cost of the mound systems will vary. Using locally available materials of good quality may help to keep the construction costs to a minimum.

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