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1 SAP Training Lesson for kec Students on 13th January 2012, 10:08 am

Instructor: Prakash Sigdel
Location:Illinois ,Usa
Employer:Caterpillar Inc (2011-onwards )
Previous Employer: kantipur Engineering college (2006-2008 )

About SAP: As you all know that IT sector is blooming nowadays in the world market.SAP software has been implemented in Nepal in different sectors as well .It has great future in Nepal .Recently it has almost been implemented in the fortune 500 companies of the world .Wherever you will go later on you will be having great career in this field.Since it is very vast so its better to get in touch with it from today .I will be guiding you through all of the steps in SAP journey through this site .So that After getting US degree you can easily land into this field and make your future career bright in IT sector .

Upcoming event : Brief Story of SAP from my point of view ( Jan 20 2012 )

Shoot me an email

I will be back after one week with the story of SAP to start with .

thanks ,
prakash sigdel

Information about Sap can be found in wikipedia as well.My main concern over here is to guide you guys on how you can make your own way to start.Its a world largest ERP software .ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning.It is used in any industry to run their business .So basically it is a business running software.Ncell has implemented human resource module to run its human resource activities.IBM is the implementing partner for that .Similarly Surya tobacco,british council and many more has already started to implement Sap to run their business.It has now been or in process of implementation in almost 10 different sectors in Nepal which is a very good news .

Before knowing SAP ,it is always best to work in any industry before and know atleast its complete process on how products are produced in that industry .What are the raw materials purchased by that industry and how is it managed until it is produced as a final product and finally how that product is distributed among the customers .knowing business process is most important thing in SAP.It has technical side,engineering side ,business point of view and programming side and many more .There are different modules in SAP.Lets talk about my background and give an example how finally I landed into the particular module.

For computer engineers and electronics engineer it is very good to start with ABAP module.For mechanical engineers Quality management and Production planning is good to start .For MBA graduates FICO is the best module but depending upon the interest anybody can choose any module but it is always recomended to go with your background.Eventually you will learn that everything is interconnected.I took SD(sales and distribution) module .After that I learned MM(material management) module and finally after getting training in Quality Management ,I started searching job in Quality Management(QM).I still remember my first interview in QM from Caterpillar where I am working now .Quality Management was much more related to Mechanical and Industrial engineers .I gave almost 20 interviews in QM and some in MM as well .Finally I realised to go for Production Planning which is the largest module and most demanding in the market.I got training in Supply Chain Management .I was so much interested in SAP that I learned everything .Advanced Planning and Optmisation is the another module which has highest pay rate in USA. I then started searching job in Production Planning .After giving 5 more interview ,finally I got job in Caterpillar .The journey started from Caterpillar in Quality Management and ended in Caterpillar in Production Planning .I almost spent 8 months to get job.You can also go for the certification course if you wish .BLUE OCEAN SYSTEM gives training and help to get certified in any of the module .BOS Is located in New Banseswore .That consultancy is the biggest source of SAP in nepal .

Its your journey from this onwards
hope and have a wonderful time ahead !!!!!!!!!!!!!

give some feedback about this session so that I can know about your comfortable in this session

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2 Re: SAP Training Lesson for kec Students on 13th January 2012, 11:51 am

Great !! when is the program going to be organized?? I want to participate.

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