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Q 1. Imagine you are Sania Mirza, the Indian tennis star. You made history coming to the finals but could not win the Trophy. You are writing to your parents. Write the sequence of events and your experiences in one page remembering that a good essay has to have a subject matter, proper arrangement of ideas and power of expression, to convey what you have in your mind to the reader.

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Q.1 Imagine you are Sania Mirza, the Indian tennis star. You made history coming to the final but could not win the trophy. You are writing to your parents, write the sequence of event and your experience in the page remembering that a good essay has to have a subject matter, proper arrangement of ideas and power of expression to convey what you have in your mind to the readers.

Early in the morning as the sun rays falls on my unopened eyes, I slowly rubbed my eyes, gently removed the blankets and stepped from the bed towards the bathroom but suddenly saw my image in the glasses of my bedroom and now I remember who i am. I almost forgot about the past day. Yes! I am Sania Mirza; a girl who worked so hard, reached to final and made history but unfortunately or because some bad luck I lost the match.
I really don’t know whether to blame myself or to blame my luck. Oh! I can’t calm myself and I can’t believe that I lost the match. Any ways lets write towards my parents because I don’t find it fair, either to blame myself or my luck when no one deserves to be blamed. I hope my parents have some ways to calm me down.
Respective mom and dad,
With so much pain in heart and tears in my eyes but still with heavy gratitude and hope your daughter, whose dreams has been shaken and broken and who really needs your help is writing towards her respected parents. I know you will give a solution to my problem like you have always done till now.

Oh! I can’t imagine myself without a trophy after playing so well. I feel as if I have shaken the dreams of not only mine but also of those millions people who had such a great hope on and expectation on me.

Do you remember dad? When i was just a little kid, I was so interested in tennis that I always used to watch tennis on television and play it on the play ground. When I was in seventh standard you registered me in a tennis class for my pleasure and I swear though I was just a little kid during that time but i used to have spirit within me that I have to win the match whether it be a competition or a friendly match.
And after frequently being selected to play the match against different opponent, i have finally made my way towards the world championship. When I heard that I have been selected to compete with other countries, I was a little nervous as I am going to face the competitors around the world but I felt so much of happiness as I was given the chance to make a history and make my country and parents proud.

It was nice to hear that competition was going to be held in foreign country but it was very sad also because many of Indians won’t be there to witness the match. It would have been better if all the people of my country was around me, shouting and cheering up for me any ways I thought though they are not around me still I am in their hearts and definitely they are in mine too and I will compete with the competition with the blessing and prayers of millions people.

My coach informed me that my first match was against the Pakistani tennis champion. When I heard that, I did not feel that it would be so tough. When I stepped the competition field, I just kissed the God Shiva’s locket which was hanging from my neck. And as I went in the centre of the tennis court, I heard a lot of noise made by my supporters. I was totally surrounded by the crowed. That time I felt a little nervous and happy to as so happy people were cheering up for me.

And with the whistle of the Referee the match began. First ball was shot by my opponent and then the match went on. At first that Pakistani girl left me very far. I thought that may be my career was going to be over here but any how towards the end of the match she was losing the points like continuously flowing water and finally I won the match but just by few points. I never thought that it would be so tough for me to overcome her, may be because of that we say, “Don’t judge the book with its cover”.

Now my next match wax against Australia. This time my opponent was a fair yellow headed girl with thin body and tall height. And here, I haven’t thought that this girl would play so well but fortunately or unfortunately again I won the match again just because of few points. As the match came to an end, I just shook hand with that girl and left the competition station.

And that was how I reached towards the final match against England. Before the final match we were given a break of a week. I did my training and practice regularly. I learnt every technique of the game. I didn’t even spare a time for me refresh myself. I thought, once I win the final match and I refresh myself to the fullest. Even my coach visited me frequently and gave me a lot of advice and suggestions.

Finally, it was a time for me to show my real talent and brighten the name of my parents, my country and my own name as it was the time for the final competition. As it was a final match and we the final two player entered the field, music started and crackers started to crack the sound of welcome to us and truly though it was a very tough time for me, I can’t say that it wasn’t wonderful but it would be one of the most beautiful moment of my life.

Right after the welcome celebration, my heart started to beat so fast and countdown began within me; 5 4 3 2 and 1! And I started to take my steps towards the competition court. Both the player reached the court and we were introduced to the crowd so loud before the actual match began.

This time as I saw my opponent, I closed my eyes and took deep breath. The girl was a grey headed with not so tall height but was taller than me. She was doing warm up near the court, jumping up and down and me too started to warm up myself and as the Referee blew the whistle the match started and that England player hold the handle of the racket tight and shot the ball towards me but thank God I saved it.

The competition between us went equally. It became very difficult to judge the winner. The match went on and on but neither that England player made mistake nor I. My whole body went on heating up and all the cloths on my body got wet and stuck on my body due to sweats coming up like spring water.

Both of us were so tired that we even felt really very difficult to pick up the ball from the ground had but still competition went on with sweats from our foreheads and the changed color of the face. My heart was beating faster than usual not because of an extra exercise to my body but because of the worry to lose the match.

Though my whole body got so much tired but still in my mind I had that same spirit to win the match. That time I couldn’t even hear the noise of the crowd as my full concentration was on the match and the ball. I didn’t even give a single point to my opponent that time. I went on hitting the ball and saving the ball from that England girl.

But towards the end of the match I don’t know from where that came and how that girl shot the ball as that hit me, on my nose and everything got blank, I could see nothing for a while except I could hear my supporters shouting, fault! Fault!

After that we were given a break for few minutes and on the mean while, a doctor checked my nose. It was bleeding badly. Referee was asking me whether I could continue the match but how could I say no, when I have made it till here with my full hard work moreover it would be a shameful thing to be done by an Indian girl so, I said that I will continue the match.
And as I stepped back in the competition field and right after I hold the racket, I felt a little ill and I was not able to see from where the ball was coming and that was how I finally lost the match with tired body and shaken dreams. I know it sounds as if I am making a kind of excuse for losing the match but in fact it is the truth.

But I am not upset that I couldn’t win the trophy but I’m depressed because broke the hope of those million people who were expecting so much from me. I can’t really believe that I lost the match after reaching too close to reward and now I don’t to put blame on anyone, not even on my luck. So, I really need assistance of an advice from my dear parents to calm myself down.
Thank you, your daughter; Sania Mirza.

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