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1 Get a Six Pack Stomach in 10 Easy Steps on 3rd April 2009, 9:24 am

Get a Six Pack Stomach in 10 Easy Steps

Many people wonder how to get a six pack stomach fast. Most of them aren't aware that
fat cannot be turned into muscle, nor do they understand that six pack abs won't appear until you burn off your belly fat. Anyone can have a six pack stomach, even without doing a single sit-up or crunch. However, strength training (and especially abdominal exercises) will speed up the process of helping you get a six pack (and make your abs look better too!).

To begin with, try and avoid following any fad diets. Consult your doctor especially if
you plan on following any of these diet plans:
• Negative calorie diets
• Very low calorie diets
• Very low carb diets
• Any other type of unbalanced fad diet

Changing your diet should be considered a part of a healthier lifestyle. Do what you can to learn everything about nutrition. The more you understand, the easier it will be to implement healthy nutrition in your diet.

Let's take a look at ten ways to speed up the process of burning fat, for achieving a six pack stomach quickly, through safe and healthy ways.

1. Instead of using butter or margarine, substitute fruit purée. They are quite simple
to prepare with a food processor and will greatly reduce calories and fat.

2. Cheese can be good for you, but the saturated fat is not. Try this: microwave cheese
for a few seconds to drain off any excess grease, or choose a lower fat substitute.

3. If you exercise before eating, you will just end up more hungry. Seek to perform
exercise AFTER you eat, so the body will work harder during digestion.

4. Avoid television while eating. Focusing too much on something entertaining will take
your mind off your appetite, and you will end up eating more than you should.

5. Don't skip breakfast. Your metabolism is higher when you wake up, so you will burn
more calories. Also, breakfast will temper your desire to eat a large lunch and dinner.

6. If you mix water with fructose, it will be more effective in suppressing your
appetite than water with glucose or diet sodas. A glass of orange juice 30-60 minutes
before a meal can reduce your appetite.

7. Stay away from trans fatty acids as much as you can. Instead, use canola oil or
olive oil. Anything that lists partially hydrogenated oil contains trans fatty acids, which
slow fat burning and increase your risk of heart disease.

8. Drink skim milk. You'll get all the nutrients without the extra fat.

9. Remove as much fat as you can from meat before cooking. This one step alone will
drastically reduce your calories and fat intake.

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2 Re: Get a Six Pack Stomach in 10 Easy Steps on 6th April 2009, 9:26 pm

How many of you like to have six pack stomach ?

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3 Re: Get a Six Pack Stomach in 10 Easy Steps on 7th April 2009, 1:28 am


hahahahalastai dublo manche ko pani six pack stanach hunchamero ta 8 pack aauna aauna lage ko chachest ta KT ko jastai huna lagi sakyo............

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